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art / ärt
noun: art; plural noun: arts; plural noun: the arts
  1. the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Classic is always in style.


True fine art portraits will evoke an emotion when viewed.

Imagine coming home from a long day at work, dropping your keys into the bowl on the banquet with a cling, switching on the lights and essentially washing away your worries when you see the beautiful faces of your family.

The refined artwork we create of you will elicit JOY, summons HAPPINESS, and bring COMFORT.

Created with no less than four different artists your portraits are a guaranteed conversation starter at your next cocktail party.


“Is that a painting of your family?”
“Did you have to pose for hours to have your portrait created?”
“Are those hand-painted oils?”


With your MASTERPIECE finish you can explain to your inquisitive friends your artwork fits right in with your art collections around your home. The 200+ year archival product will be passed down for generations and the bold texture and rich brush strokes rival that of a John Singer Sargent!


Not for you? Our other finishing option is the REALISM. This heirloom finish is produced with silver halide on archival fine art paper and mounted, much like a photograph. Our artists handle all aspects of your portrait with digital artistry, so you still look spectacular. And your artwork is guaranteed to make your heart sing.


“We received the artwork from your studio yesterday.  It is absolutely beautiful.  Thank you so much for your professional work.  We will treasure it for many years.” – Sally Kelley



couple portraits

“[The portraits] are FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you so much.  They are truly awesome, exactly what I was hoping for.  You captured us!!!”  – Shayna Seymour, Channel 5 Boston Chronicle

Portrait sittings are held at the downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire studio.

Sneak a peak at artwork on the walls of people’s homes, click here.